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Unearthed Update: November 11th (Missed Sprites)

Welp, I thought I had implemented every single overworld sprite in the game last week, but I was sorely mistaken. I actually missed a few sprites entirely and had to put them together from scratch. This wasn’t too hard to do, but did sorta ruin the moment.

First up (and perhaps the most egregious) are ISAAC’s death sprites. How the heck did I forget about these?! ISAAC is a robot so instead of a halo, his propeller just glows golden.


Next I have a couple of overworld sprites. The big one is for the Toxic Shambler (adapted from Mother 3), while the smaller one is for the recurring “eye probe” enemies found throughout the game (made by Maru on the forums).



Okay, and now I am for reals done all the overworld sprites for Unearthed. At least until the next time I screw things up.


Unearthed Update: November 6th (Overworld Sprites Done!)

Sorry about the late update this week, but I thought I’d finish up this phase of production before commenting upon it. Over the last ten days I’ve managed to implement every overworld sprite in the game. That includes graphics for all enemies, PCs, NPCs, and environmental objects located in the game. It was a ton of work!

I also ended up redesigning or augmenting certain sprite designs along the way. I’ve posted a couple of the revamps below; The Radioactive Shambler and the Steam Man. The Shambler is actually an edit of a previous sprite, while the Steam Man simply has sideways sprites added into the mix.



I’ll be doing a final pass over the game’s sprites to make sure I haven’t missed anything, then I’ll work on implementing in-battle sprites. I’ll keep you all posted as I make progress.


Unearthed Update: October 28th (Sprite Conversion IV)

Work trudges steadily for the sprite conversion process! I have implemented all of the NPCs into the game, and now I’m just plowing through the rest of the environmental sprites (plants mostly) and enemies. There’s a good chance I’ll be done by the end of the week, barring some sort of rom implosion.

Below are a couple simple edits and palette swaps I’ve made on the fly during the conversion process. The first is a Birdman chick, who looks a lot like Hamlet except with a whole lot less panache.


The second is a recolour of the Radio Tower (because I flubbed the palette the first time around). It has purple lightning this time because purple is the colour of SCIENCE!


That’s all for this week. Check back next Monday for hopefully the last of this sprite conversion business.


Unearthed Update: October 21st (Sprite Conversion III)

I’m not dead! I was just sick for about a week and a half, which really put a hamper on game progress and blog updates. I’m right back into the swing of things though, and I’m aiming to have all the game’s sprites implemented within the next couple of weeks.


Getting sprites into the ROM is pretty easy! Well, finicky and repetitive I suppose, but there isn’t a whole lot that can go wrong. You simply put the right .png files in the right places, make sure all the sizes and palettes match up. There is a really simple-to-use editor within PK Hack (seen above) too, which has made life very easy for me.

I spent a few hours today working on overworld sprites and managed to plow through NPCs for Glensborough and The Boding Sea. I’ll keep posting progress updates on this blog and on my Twitter, and will let you all know how things are moving along.


Unearthed Update: October 7th (Sprite Conversion II)

Sprite implementation continues, and I now have all the sprites in the proper PNG format to import into Unearthed. This means the next week or two will be dedicated to getting all that lovely pixel art crammed into the Unearthed ROM. Not that exciting, but it will be a fairly big milestone once it is complete!


Just for reference, I have converted over 600 sprites over the last couple of weeks. That is a lot more than I thought I had! Its looking like Unearthed will have very few recycled NPC sprites from EarthBound, which will help give the game a unique feel.

I’ll keep you all posted on progress as it is completed. You can follow along here on the blog on my (now Halloween themed) Twitter.


Unearthed Update: October 2nd (Sprite Conversion)

Sorry for the late update this week! Right now I’m busy implementing sprites for Unearthed, which is a rather lengthy process involving Photoshop, JHack, and whiskey. It’s not that exciting, but it does let me reflect on all the wonderful sprite work that was done for the game.

During the conversion, I managed to find some Glensborough villagers sprites that had not yet been posted on the blog! They’re mostly townies and farmers used as NPCs in the very early parts of Unearthed. I ended up making a bunch of these to help differentiate Unearthed from EarthBound right from the start of the game.




I’ll probably have some more sprite scraps for next week. I’ll be re-posting some of my favourite old content on my Twitter too, so check it out!