Unearthed Update: Patch Notes v2.2

Small update this week! I actually got quite a lot of work done, but it was just a lot of the same thing and therefore isn’t very exciting to talk about.


Patch Notes

  • Completed help text descriptions for every single item in the game.
  • Modified some item properties for game balance reasons.

General Notes

So, as seen above, we’re getting deep into the “writing stuff” portion of the game’s design. This is a fun bit of work, albeit a bit restrictive within the confines of a twenty year old game.

Up next? Well, first off I’m going to make sure all the items I’ve made work properly. Then I’m going to make sure that all the abilities that enemies use work properly as well. These are actually fairly similar processes, so they’ll bleed together a bit as I work on them. I’ll have another update for next Monday, but it’ll be fairly sparse since I’m heading on vacation soon.

Unearthed Update: Patch Notes v2.1

Sorry for the lack of update last week! I got a little caught up with some extra-curricular activities, but I’m back on track now. I’ve been hard at work too, implementing weapons and armour into the game.


Patch Notes

  • Implemented all weapons and armour into the game.
  • Completed help descriptions for the aforementioned weapons and armour.
  • Re-balanced some item functionality.

General Notes

With all the weapons and armour done, I’m moving along to the other items in the game. Most of the time thus far has been finagling help text, but from here on out a great deal of my time will be testing single-use items. There are about 150 items in the game – with about 75 of them being equipment – so I guess I’m about halfway through the dreaded “item slog” as of right now.

I’ll have another update next week with more item information!

Unearthed Update: Patch Notes v2.0

An extension of last week’s endeavours, this week I put together some more multiple use items for Unearthed. My personal favourite is the Jar of Fireflies, a refillable item that allows Mitchell to release bugs that zap his enemies. Cool stuff!


 Patch Notes

  • Implemented Jar of Fireflies item. Zap opponents with angry insects!
  • Implemented First Aid Kit item. Multiple use healing!
  • Implemented Pack of Gum item. Cures basic status ailments!
  • Laid frameworks for item help descriptions.
  • Updated listing of every item in the game!

General Notes

Slow and steady progress seems to be the name of the game lately. I will continue the item/ability slog over the summer, and I hope to get to enemy creation in the fall. As more pieces fall into place, progress gets quicker, so I am optimistic about development!

If you’re a PK Hacker, you can check out a tutorial I made on the Starmen.net forums that outlines how to add multi-use items to your game. It is pretty straight forward, and includes some easy copy/paste code.

Unearthed Update: Patch Notes v1.9

The coding for multiple use items is now done! This has been a long time coming, and I’m rather pleased with the results. Through the use of an item called a Staple Gun, I’ve demonstrated how this code can be used to give an item “charges” that can be diminished or replenished.

Patch Notes

  • Created working code for multiple-use items.
  • Implemented Staple Gun and Pack of Staple items.
  • Bug-tested event flag loops.

General Notes

Special thanks to H.S. for laying the groundwork for this particular piece of functionality. He did some similar work for the Flamethrower in the Mother Remake project. There will be about 3-6 items in Unearthed that will use this functionality, which I’ll reveal as I make them.

This actually marks the end of most of the difficult combat coding. I’ll simply be slogging away at ability/item text for the next few months, and I’ll post progress updates when I have the chance.