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Unearthed Update: Enemy Placement Underway

I have finally finished all the arduous data entry for enemy groupings in Unearthed! As you saw in my last update, the work I was doing equated to plugging numbers into spreadsheets. It wasn’t a whole lot of fun, but was a necessary technical hurdle to overcome.

But now with all those lovely numbers in place, I can start doing fun things. Like populating different areas of the game with finished enemies, such as the dust bunnies seen below!


Over the next little while I’ll be placing enemies, troubleshooting sprites, and doing some bug testing of the game’s maps. Even though I finished the game world years ago, there are still a few lingering bugs that I should vanquish before moving onto the next stages of development.

As always, I’ll keep you all posted when new developments come down the pipes.

Unearthed Update: Enemy Placement Pre-Production

It has been a while, but I finally have a game update for all of you. I have just finished the arduous process of mapping out enemy encounter groups, and map placement groups. Exciting to talk about, but boring to look at (see below).



Yep, that is definitely a table full of entries. 264 encounter groups and 104 placement groupings to be exact. It took a lot longer than I thought it would. o__o

What does this bit of progress mean? First off, I can finally start entering these lovely numbers and names into the actual game. That is a boring but long process (game design in a nutshell) that isn’t too difficult now that I’ve plotted everything out. Secondly, I can start thinking about laying out map elements. This starts with enemy groups, but continues onto NPCs, sprites, and music.

Speaking of music: SM.netter DalisClock has been tearing it up on the forums, creating a slew of new music tracks for Unearthed. There are way too many for me to list here, but you can check them out on the forum thread starting right about here. Here is a sample track entitled Spooky Battle, that tickles me in just the right way.

Unearthed Update: Enemies Complete

As promised, this Unearthed update is a rather substantial one. All of the enemies in the game are now complete! I’ve put together a little sampler video, which you can check out below:

In total, there are about 140 new enemies in Unearthed. Almost every single one of these enemies has a new battle sprite made by either Messianic or Artemis251, and most use at least one new ability that isn’t found in EarthBound. My main goal was to have enemies that were distinct from those found in the original game, and could surprise you with a new trick or two. Special thanks to H.S. and the countless PK Hackers who aided me in the battle hacking!

Finishing the enemies actually represents the completion of a pretty significant phase of game development. The implementation of items/abilities/enemies was a huge, three-part project, and put into place a lot of the game’s infrastructure. Now that those hurdles are overcome, I am free to start adding elements directly into the game world, such as enemy groups, shops, and environmental sprites.


Before I get knee-deep in filling out the game world, however,  I’m going to take a moment to bug-test some old features and implement some small aesthetic changes. You can all expect a new update sometime over the next month or so, hopefully with another video. And remember: I’m always available to answer questions in the comment thread or on the tweetz.