Two Week Blog Hiatus

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that I’m taking a two-week break from game production and blogging. I’m aiming to get back to things on November 17th.


 Why the sudden hiatus? I’ll soon be taking a week-long work trip to Los Angeles to help record an audio documentary about the city. Some of the areas I’m visiting include Santa Monica, The Henson Lot, and The Staples Centre, so it should be really interesting trip. I’m essentially working around the clock though, so game development and blogging is not going to be an option. After I get back I will enter a short Odinsleep before hopping back on the development wagon.

Unearthed Update: Patch Notes v3.2

Just a couple of quick updates this week, as I didn’t have a ton of time to work on the game. Master Belch is displeased with my progress.

masterbelchPatch Notes

  • Assigned base statistics to all enemies found in the game.
  • Applied a slight window upgrade, designed to better accommodate larger enemy sprites (thanks Messianic!).
  • Fixed a few miscellaneous graphical bugs, mostly regarding transparency and palette issues.

General Notes

With the base statistics for enemies assigned, I have the basic difficulty curve of the game set. There is going to be A LOT of tweaking to this difficulty once the beta gets underway, but it is nice to have at least a starting point.

Unearthed Update: Patch Notes v3.1

This week was all about fixing some persistent bugs, including a menu  that has been bugging me for a looooong time. Behold, the finished battle menu for Unearthed!

raidPatch Notes

  • Fixed battle menu width and alignment to properly display all options.
  • Changed “bust up” to “raid” to fix spacing concerns.
  • Reintroduced “auto fight” in to battle menu.
  • Switched “psi” to “tech” in battle menu.g
  • Fixed Thunder bug that caused electrical attacks to display the wrong animation. (thanks H.S.!)
  • Fixed some miscellaneous minor bugs.

General Notes

Not much to say this week, as more things were fixed than introduced. It is a little bit of a bummer that I had to change Bust Up to Raid, but the text spacing problem didn’t seem like an easy one to fix. Regardless, the attack does the same thing (damage + takes an item from mechanical enemies) so the difference should be pretty minor.

One last note: it is really neat to see the enemy sprites in action. I’m going to be doing some quality assurance on them as I implement them, but for the most part they are good to go.