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Unearthed Update: August 26th (Some of the Last Sprites)

I’m finally getting close to completing all of the sprites for Unearthed! I never planned to do this many myself, but I hit a pretty good roll and ended up making dozens and dozens of ‘em. From bats to behemoths, I’ve made a bit of everything.

First up this week is a mock-up of the Primordial Ooze. I’m not sure whether I’m going to use this sprite, an equally good one made by Midna, or something else entirely. Either way, enjoy the animated ooziness.


Next up we have the Albino Bat Swarm. This is an advanced enemy found in the later stages of the game, and is quite powerful despite its relatively flimsy appearance. I hope the the little crosses in the background evoke “swarminess” and not sparkles.


This next sprite is a bit more ambiguous than the others. Although primarily designed for the Deep Spectre, it will also stand in for many “spooky ghost” type enemies found throughout the game. Simple, but effective.


Finally we have a unique sprite for the Siamese Slugoid. Messianic was eager to have this guy in the game, and I was happy to oblige. He’s kinda cute in a monstrous sort of way.


That’s all for this week! Next week may be the FINAL SPRITE UPDATE, so be sure to check in to see what I’ve cooked up.


Unearthed Update: August 19th (Textual Interlude)

Hey everyone! I’ve been occupied all week launching a website and helping out at a gaming convention, so no new sprites this update. I know, this totally sucks and I apologize sincerely for my lack of production.


However, I have not come to you entirely empty-handed. Radiostorm has been working hard on the dialogue for Unearthed, and has sent me the near-finished draft for Glensborough (the first area of the game). Below is a sample of that dialogue; an interaction between Mitchell and the “junk shop” owner Mr. Carlucci.


Mr Carlucci: How’s it strolling, Mitch? You here to pick up your dad’s shovel?

Mitchell: Against my will, but yes.

Mr Carlucci: * laugh * You need to work hard if you ever want to grow as big as your pop.

Mitchell: I’m fine with being small and lazy. Think of how much I’ll save on clothes.

Mr Carlucci: You’re a funny kid, Mitch. You remind me of your mum when we were small. (hands Mitchell the shovel)

Mitchell: Thanks Mr Carlucci. I can feel my character building just from holding this shovel.

Mr Carlucci: That’s the spirit!


Mr Carlucci: Hey Mitch, I have a slightly burnt teddy bear with your name on it. 11% off.

Mitchell: Uh, no thank you sir.

Mr Carlucci: What about this broken satellite dish. You could use it as a knight’s shield in your games of make believe.

Mitchell: I usually just make believe that I’m in my room reading a book.

Mr Carlucci: Well, take a poke around my shop and see if there’s anything that catches your fancy.

Mitchell: No offense Mr Carlucci, but a lot of this stuff looks like junk.

Mr Carlucci: One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. People throw electronics away all the time. I go to the dump and salvage each item I find by “busting it up.” If you’re careful, you can remove the most useful parts and trinkets this way. It’s a handy trick to keep in mind.

Mitchell: Thanks Mr Carlucci, I will. But I think I’ll pass on the burnt teddy bear.

Mr Carlucci: Your loss.

Writing is a slow process, especially when you are writing iterative dialogue with NPCs. RS is going to keep cracking away at it, and I’m going to polish off the sprites as soon as I can.


Unearthed Update: August 12th (This Game is Weird)

It has been pointed out to me that a lot of the enemies in Unearthed are really weird. Floating frogs, animated toasters, gelatinous cubes… it is quite the menagerie. I wish I could say that things are going to be a bit more grounded and realistic this week, but we’re going completely in the other direction.

First up is the 100% complete Radioactive Shambler. He’s a big boy, with the strength of a titan and some arm-mounted artillery. He was also quite a bit of a pain to make, so I hope the final product looks good.


This next one is a re-colour of EarthBound’s Runaway Dog, to change it to the much more dangerous Frenzied Wolf. I especially like how he has icky open sores. I didn’t animate him because Y’ALL KNOW WHAT A DOG MOVES LIKE.


I’m not sure if I’m quite done with these guys, but here are some sprites for the various Elemental Drones found in the later stages of the game.


The last sprite for this week is an optional end-game boss (well, actually BOSSES). They’re called Guardian Diggers and are heavily inspired by their namesakes from EarthBound. They are somewhat mechanized though, and quite a bit more dangerous.


We’re getting closer and closer to 100% sprite completion! I’ll be updating both here and on my Twitter, so keep checking back for more spriting goodness.


Unearthed Update: August 5th (Walking TVs and Other Oddities)

Work continues on with enemy sprites, and I’m happy to show off two-and-a-half new critters for Unearthed!

First up is the Idiot Box, a rather peppy (yet violent) television set. He’s encountered much later on in the game, and assails the player with electrical based attacks.


Second, we have the Forgotten Fossil. He’s essentially a re-edit of the Zombie Dog from the original EarthBound. I just made him a bit more skeletal and swapped the colour scheme.


Finally I have some work-in-progress on the Radioactive Shambler. I have been having a heckuva time trying to get this guy to look good, and I welcome feedback from any of you folks out in internet-land.


Slow and steady the sprites come, and the end is finally in sight! I’m projecting a late August finish of sprite work. Woooo!


Unearthed Update: July 29th (More Overworld Sprites)

After polishing up the Spore Machine and Ancient Colossus, I decided to shift back to some normal enemies. Well, as normal as enemies get in Unearthed. I’m working through some of the later areas of the game which seem to contain robots and mutated monstrosities.

First up is the Steam Man, a rendition of the classic Starman from EarthBound. He’s bit more steampunky then his predecessor. Starmen just teleported around in the original game, so I had to make these guys from scratch.


Next we have Shattered Constructs; busted robots that lie around in the Toxic Ravine and Testing Grounds. They are more-or-less straight recolours of Mother 3 sprites. Some of these guys are helpful while others will attack if interacted with. The player must gauge the benefits vs risk of approaching them in the first place.
shatteredconstructsLast thing for this week is a GELATINOUS CUBE! I love this guy. I may have to alter the perspective a bit to match EarthBound’s super odd art style, but the colours and movement work very well.
gelatinouscubeI’m on a pretty good roll right now, so I should have a bundle of sprites to show off next week. Check in on Monday!


Unearthed Update: July 22nd (A Couple Of Bosses)

Last week I made a point to polish up two very important sprites for Unearthed. They are both very important bosses for the Stompin’ Grounds area, and were a bit complicated from a technical perspective. I’m quite happy to have them complete (except for perhaps a bit of colouring), and even happier to show them all off to you.

You may remember the Spore Machine from last week! I polished it up a bit since you last saw it, and changed the colour scheme to make it a bit more vibrant. It doesn’t match the in-battle sprite completely,but I think this is about as close as I can get it.

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